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The Latest Technology News for POBCSD! 
Welcome! The purpose of the POBCSD Central Office of Technology is to lead, provide vision, advocate, manage, budget, implement, support, and sustain all district-wide Educational Technology related resources and initiatives.  From classroom to boardroom - in collaboration with my  dedicated staff, district and state-wide technology teams - our passion for cultivating the critical “triangle of success” between teacher/staff, student, and parent/community keeps us focused on our bottom line: “how technology affects the life, education, health and safety of children in the 21st century." 
The POBCSD Strategic Long-Range Technology Plan provides a collaborative vision and blue print designed to meet the diverse needs of all students and staff. It is strategically developed in direct alignment with Board of Education goals and policy; administrative and student/parent/teacher curricula-driven needs and the prerequisite budget/funding, equity, infrastructure, and professional development required to support and sustain all Educational Technology related initiatives.
In addition, this Web page provides links to all planning, policy, project updates, safe computing, E-mail, Website tips and training resources; including, instructional videos for Smartboards, Infinite Campus, Microsoft Office Applications, lesson planning, Castle Learning, Library Media Center online resouces/research databases, and even a virtual tour of our Newsday acclaimed district Website.   Enjoy your visit! 
Microsoft Updates:
I want to take this opportunity to provide you with an update that sums up our successfully completed district-wide instructional and administrative computer/network upgrades and Microsoft implementations. It brings me great pride and pleasure to announce that our technology team/technicians have once again successfully completed the final phase of our Microsoft initiatives which will now bring the ubiquitous efficacy of Microsoft Office 365 to every teacher and student in our district, via the cloud; in addition to having the ability to download MS Office on home PCs from now and moving forward into our next school year.

Please find the following directions to begin accessing this exciting new district service over the summer in preparation for the new school year.

1- Go to
2- For staff, sign in with your district (e.g.
3- For students, sign in with your student (e.g., 
In fact, Microsoft was so impressed with these accomplishments they have notified our district that they will be pursuing the development of a Video Case Study showcasing the great work accomplished here at POBCSD! 

In addition, I’d like to make you aware of some “free” Microsoft Education Learning opportunities you may want to take advantage of over the summer. These exciting opportunities are tailored for 21st century teaching and learning environments which include App Creation, Tools for Flipped Classrooms, One Note for Organization and Collaboration, and Learning in the Cloud, just to name a few. Click here for details  and check-in to our Office of Technology website for additional information at .

Finally, I need to take this opportunity to thank all of our highly skilled Connected Technology technicians for their demonstrated exceptional customer service, dedication, professionalism and integrity throughout all of our district’s major transformational technology related implementations – including BYOD, Wireless Access in all Buildings, 1:1 Middle School Tablet Initiative, Network Upgrades/Security and daily maintenance, just to name a few -  throughout all of these years at POB. It is truly appreciated!!!


Click here to access the latest Frequently Asked Questions Staff Training Document  

Our district has embarked on a major technology initiative comprised of refreshing district-wide instructional and administrative computer workstations in all buildings from grades K-12 (Click here to review the FAQ document related to this summer project).  To date over 1,700 computers have been refreshed with the latest Microsoft 8.1 Operating System and Microsoft Office 2013 Suite in addition to browser, Java and over 500 instructional and administrative software application and productivity updates. 

I am pleased to report at this time we have successfully entered the final phase of our summer implementation comprised of joining all district-wide computers to our network and testing them to ensure all is ready for the opening day of school.  In addition, during the first few weeks of September there will be a final fine tuning of our new system in response to any other feedback and requests we may receive from returning staff members.

To provide as seamless a transition from old to new technology as possible – our district implementation team has been working diligently over the summer months to make the look and feel of our new system comprised of Microsoft Windows 8.1 as close to Windows 7 and XP as possible.  For example, our highly skilled technicians have customized our new computers to boot directly to the desktop environment you were previously familiar with in addition to configuring all of the software related icons and applications you used on the old system to the new system while ensuring access to all of your previous document folders, printers, and network share drives. Although our team has taken extreme measure to proactively anticipate as many possible issues that can arise from a district-wide technology implementation of this magnitude – as with any change related to today’s emerging technologies and its impact on how society understandably adapts to change in general – we will continue to work together to help iron out any unforeseen issues and potential bumps we may encounter along the way.
In addition to experiencing the benefits of having a faster computer running on our state-of-the-art district computer network, there may still be some features you may need to get better acquainted with. To help you along the way, our implementation team has been developing a four-pronged training/support approach designed to accommodate your immediate and ongoing professional development needs.
Four-Pronged Training/Support Model
1-      General Training/Support Resources: Our team has been proactively preparing a second FAQ document that will provide basic information to help get our returning staff acclimated with the basic differences between our old (MS Windows XP/7 and MS Office) and new (MS Windows 8.1 and MS Office 2013) computer system and where to go for further help.  These training materials and resources are being meticulously compiled from questions based on an onsite qualitative assessment of staff members who have been diligently working with our team throughout the summer months.

2-      Onsite Building Training/Support:  Onsite building training dates are being confirmed with each building principal for the start of the school year. These sessions are designed for hands-on training for any staff member who may require assistance and will take place at each school building location inside instructional computer labs and administrative offices. In addition, our highly dedicated building-based Computer Aides will continue to be available to provide “just-in-time” support to help resolve technical and training related issues in concert with the remainder of our extraordinary Central Office of Technology Team.

3-      Direct Microsoft Office Application Phone Support: CALL TOLL FREE 1-855-240-4407.
As part of our collaborative effort with Microsoft, our district has a received a special grant that provides “free” 24/7 access to expert live phone support for all staff members. This help desk resource is a perfect resource for any “how-to” type questions related to the new Microsoft Office 2013 Suite and Microsoft 8.1 environment –  including applications such as Outlook (email), Word, and Excel, for example.  A unique high-tech feature of this service provides you with a qualified training specialist who will be able to shadow your live computer session and help you through any issue you are having as if he/she was working with you inside the same room. Please note there is no cost or time limit for each call and support is guaranteed to be provided until you determine your question has been appropriately answered.

4-      Central Office of Technology Help Desk Support: Our in-district Central Office of Technology help desk can be contacted at extension 3090 during regular school hours to answer questions, point you to the appropriate training and technical support resource, and help schedule any other onsite training your building may require. In addition, you will be able to continue to find the latest links to training documents, tech tips, and training videos on our Central Office of Technology Website as with prior educational and administrative technology implementation training documents, tutorials, and videos we have provided throughout the years.

Please keep an eye out over the next few weeks for additional information about our new computer system and I am confident that – as a team working in the positive collaborative spirit of POBCSD – we will successfully get through this most welcomed change of new technology together and get back to our purpose of education and building futures together.

Guy A. Lodico, Ph.D.
Director of Technology
Plainview-Old Bethpage School District

Technology Update 

Over this summer our district will be embarking on a major technology initiative comprised of refreshing district-wide instructional and administrative computer work stations from grades K-12.  This means the remaining 1,041 computers that have not been upgraded to date will be replaced and all district-wide computers will receive a major software upgrade with the latest Microsoft Operating System and Microsoft Office Suite. This critical computer hardware/software refresh will greatly enhance computer performance required to meet the progressing 21st century digital centric instructional and administrative needs and digital security of all students and staff members.

With this most welcomed initiative comes a few important changes that, as a district staff member, you will need to familiarize yourself with in order to ensure as seamless an implementation and end-user experience as possible.  Although our team has been working hard to proactively anticipate as many possible issues that can arise from a district-wide technology implementation of this magnitude – as with any change related to today’s emerging technologies and its impact on how society understandably adapts to change in general – we will continue to work together to help iron out any unforeseen issues and potential bumps we may encounter along the way.

Ongoing communication with all POBCSD stakeholders will be the key to a successful implementation for our district.  The purpose of the following FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section of this correspondence is to help set clear expectations as to what this implementation means to all staff related end users of our computer network.  It will be become a living document posted on our district’s website in addition to providing ongoing training resources so any additional questions or concerns can be addressed as we progress.