Dr. L Chan

World Language Chairperson

Office: (516) 434-3179 

Welcome to the Foreign Languages Department at Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District!


Our department offers a comprehensive K-12 program in foreign languages.  Students have the opportunity to study Mandarin Chinese, Italian, French, American Sign Language and Spanish.

Highlights of our program include …

·        the study of Mandarin Chinese from grades 1 through 12

·        the opportunity to study more than one foreign language in high school

·        exploratory language classes in French, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish through Curriculum Enrichment Units for          5th graders

·        Advanced Placement and honor courses in Spanish and French

·        the study of American Sign Language in Kindergarten

       ¡Hola!   Bonjour!   Ciao!   Nì Hǎo!   Hello


Attention 5th grade students - click HERE to watch a presentation about your language selection.  
High School Students - Want to add another language to your schedule next year?  Click HERE to see your options. 
Chinese Expands Business Opportunities - Click HERE to watch a video about China's new Apple Store.
Click HERE to read our Fall 2014 edition of the Chinese newsletter.   
Click HERE to read a letter regarding a change in the listening comprehension assessment for midterm and final/FLACS exams. 
An 8th grade student in Ms. Roehrig's French class at POBMS recently was recognized for her performance in the AATF National French Contest.  Gabby earned 7th place Nassau County and 8th place nationally.  Felicitacions!
 Students in Ms. Pupillo's Italian 1 class recently participated in an Italian poetry contest @ SUNY Old Westbury.  Six JFK students took part in the event as they competed against other high school students throughout Long Island.  Three of Ms. Pupillo's students placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Congratulations to Ms. Pupillo and to her students: 

Nicholas Illuzzi- 1st place (for reciting "Carnevale" by Gianni Rodari)

Ryo Hizawa- 2nd place ( for reciting "Autunno" by Saturno Montanari)  

Geo Pilco- 3rd place ( for reciting "Autunno" by Saturno Montanari)

 Other honorable participants are Bhstha Khail, Satnadar Kaur, and Nicole Kinstler.
Click HERE and HERE for photos from the event.  
Curriculum Support Guides - The following links have been prepared for students that are self-selecting to enroll in an Honors course for the 2015-2016 school year.  The files contain links to youtube videos and powerpoints that review important grammatical and vocabulary concepts. 
French Teachers
R. Smith
E. LeGoupil
Spanish Teachers
D. Hershkowitz
D. Kleinman
N. Pupillo
T. Schmeltz
L. Steinberg
C. Visbal
 J. Browning
 K. Falbo
N. Pupillo
I. Wong
American Sign Language
 in your hands
Resources for Listening Comprehension:
French - Click HERE and HERE
Italian - Click HERE
Spanish - Click HERE