Mrs. Paula Engel and Ms. Sherri Winick

Welcome you to Project Challenge 2012-2013  

 smiley team
  • This year we will be using a wonderful tool called EDMODO to enhance communication in the Project Challenge community.  This secure online learning community is being used by millions of educators and students.  Your child has already created his/her profile and we are on our way.
  • Each week, the teachers will let the students know whether they need to log on and respond to an assignment.  A due date will be posted for each assignment and the kids will know exactly what to do, as they are quick technology learners.  Long term projects will also be uploaded on Edmodo for reference. The teacher has the ability to give feedback, reward badges for quality work and accept questions from students regarding assignments.   Another great feature of Edmodo is the calendar link.  We have posted all special events, trips, mentors...month by month.

    As parents, you are encouraged and invited to join our community.  Your child can provide you with a personal passcode, which is available on their personal home page. Unlike your child who can share with his group members, parents can only have access to their own child's postings and communications with the teacher.  Parents, we still prefer a phonecall when you have a question or concern, as we do not encourage the use of Edmodo as a chat forum.  In addition, please do not enable the option for text or email notifications.  If you wish to join our group, simply log on and see what is happening in PC!
    We hope you enjoy our Edmodo community.  Stay posted for continuous updates, relevant information, as we extend our learning environment beyond the classroom walls!